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Apple Selects China Telecom Data Centres To Store iCloud Data

Posted by admin 17 days ago News — Apple begins storing the personal data of Chinese users on servers in mainland China Read More
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Apple Bans Two Hazardous Chemicals From Its Chinese Factories

Posted by admin 18 days ago News — Apple bans two potentially hazardous chemicals from the final assembly process, but campaigners say the iPhone maker must do more Read More
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US Judge Rejects Settlement From Adobe, Apple, Google And Intel To End ‘No-Poaching’ Lawsuit

Posted by admin 21 days ago News — US judge says settlement from Adobe, Apple, Google and Intel over an alleged pact not to hire each others' employees is too low Read More
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Apple Is Latest US Firm To Be Excluded From Chinese Government Procurements

Posted by admin 23 days ago News — Apple becomes the latest western tech firm excluded from Chinese government procurement projects Read More
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Apple And Samsung Declare Patent Truce Outside The US

Posted by admin 26 days ago News — Apple and Samsung declare a partial truce over their continued patent battles as they ready themselves for one final US battle Read More
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‘Hand Over Your Source Code’, Russia Tells Apple And SAP

Posted by admin 29 days ago News — “To prove you are not spies, we require your source code”, Russia tells Apple and SAP Read More
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Apple Upgrades MacBook Pro With Retina Display Range

Posted by admin 34 days ago News — Apple prepares for OS X Yosemite with faster processors and more RAM for some MacBook Pro models Read More
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Apple Launches Mac OS X Yosemite Beta

Posted by admin 35 days ago News — Apple opens up the beta version of Mac OS X for the first time Read More
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